Lyme Literate Therapy

Do You Feel Alone In Your Lyme Recovery?

  • Are you struggling with memory loss, fatigue, headaches, stomachaches, seizures, tremors, nerve pain, joint pain, Lyme rage, depersonalization/derealization, brain fog, OCD, panic attacks, depression, anxiety, or inability to manage day to day tasks?
  • Are you having trouble gaining control of your mood or noticing personality changes?
  • Have you lost relationships or had to stop working/going to school due to your illness?
  • Are you grieving the life you had before you became sick or felt a loss of self?
  • Do people ever say to you, "well you do not look sick!" or do you feel that people "just don't get it."

Well, we get it.

Julsey is our lyme literate therapist and is very passionate about working with people who suffer from Lyme disease . This illness can create one of the most isolating experiences anyone can go through. It is an experience very few people understand unless they have experienced it themselves.

You may have been to multiple doctors or have been diagnosed with many other illnesses before your Lyme diagnosis. You may have had to put your career, education and social life on hold or face the idea that you can not participate in the life you had once planned.

Julsey helps her clients with:

  • Understanding the illness
  • Accepting the diagnosis
  • Processing current/past medical trauma
  • Developing coping skills for mental/physical symptoms
  • Enhancing relationships with family/friends/significant others
  • Focusing on what they have control over vs. what they do not
  • Rebuilding confidence
  • Regaining a sense of self or purpose
  • Turning hopelessness into hope
  • Incorporating changes/working towards goals

Whatever your unique Lyme story is, you do not have to overcome the challenges of recovery alone!

For more information about Lyme literate therapy, please contact Julsey by phone at 301-807-3416 or by email at [email protected].



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